Management Messages

Our Management Messages

Mr. K. Chandra Shekar Reddy - Chairman/Founder

Chairman’s Message - Lotus Lap Public School

Education is an ongoing process. We at Lotus Lap Nurture and Groom the students to be lifelong learners. We take interest in shaping our students to ensure the child’s future prosperity and to remain competitive and have a high quality school education.
Every child is an Individual, who requires different parenting techniques. An ideal parent must blend the qualities like love, patience, calmness, humour, respect, gratitude, honesty and teach the children by being a role model to them. Teach them how to be responsible in every walk of their life and to be independent rather than holding their hands.
An Ideal teacher must be a person of culture. Teacher should have sense of duty and responsibility and should be honest to oneself, to students and to the profession. As teacher’s effective teaching has the greatest influence on students achievement and overall development. Man making is central function of an ideal teacher. Teacher is an engineer of soul, in other words an ideal teacher is student’s Friend, Philosopher and Guide. Students always remember an ideal teacher throughout their life.
An Ideal student must be cheerful, positive, optimistic, co-operative, disciplined, labourious, obedient and also must pay proper respect to teachers, elders and all seniors.
Happy and Proud to be part of Lotus Lap to serve you.

Mrs. K. Madhavi Reddy - Managing Director

Managing Director's Message - Lotus Lap Public School

Greetings to you all.......
Welcome to Lotus Lap Public School, the school that focuses on opportunity and achievement and also "MOTIVITE THE WEAK, TO ADDERESS THE AVERAGEAND CHALLENGE THE GIFTED." I hope this effort of our minds will serve as a stepping stone towards the many mile stone we have to cover in pursuit of excellence.
"Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those who don't rest on the laurels of the past". We strive to develop the key attributes of a student centric, value based education at Lotus Lap Public school namely courage, Project based learning, every teacher a caring educator, every parent a supportive partner....
Dear students it is my message to you all that the people of fine character live by their values. They are honest and are committed to truthfulness in thought, word and deed. True character thus encompasses the capacity for self-discipline and I appreciate our parent fraternity for supporting the school in every aspects
Thanking you with sincere and warm regards,

Mrs. D. Sunitha Srinivas - Executive Director(Academics)

Executive Director's Message - Lotus Lap Public School

Lotus Lap Public School has been a pillar of knowledge since many years, providing Quality Education to students across the city. The guiding principle of Lotus Lap is provision for a total and meaningful education and prepare our young ones to face the challenges of the competitive world.
The school’s objective is to inculcate and develop vital life skills such as communication, creativity, management and decision making.
Message to my lovely and wonderful students is to work hard and smart with strong determination and goal in mind and heart, pride in your work and don’t falter in the way.
Parents must give children their time, as the time given to the child is more precious than any gift. Little guidance and monitoring from our side will make them more confident.
We believe in the saying that “the teacher is a mother at school and parent is a teacher at home.”
Thanking you, with assurance from our side that your child is in safe hands.

Mrs. G. Lalitha Reddy - Central Office Principal

Central Office Principal’s Message - Lotus Lap Public School

Hello! To all my dear parents and students we at Lotus Lap High School are happy to inform you that we are imparting education to the students not only in academic but also the concept of humanity and national integrity.
It is possible only by delivering education with values i.e. life skills to the students.
“Good values are the seeds from which behavior and intellectual qualities develop which helps the students to build their character.
These values can only be effectively acquired during child hood primarily at home and later at school.
Therefore parents involvement in child’s learning processes is absolutely necessary. To make this process successful, we request parents to attend the PTA and interact with teachers regularly so that we both can collectively help the child to improve their caliber.
“Children with good values will make efficient decision and will be respected as a citizen.”

Mrs. K. Vanitha - Saroornagar Principal

Saroornagar Principal’s Message - Lotus Lap Public School

I as an educator very much passionate about students being empowered to succeed as Principal, I believe to guide and nurture the generation to establish with the skills to achieve a good health, respect towards others and prosperity.
I believe to work in togetherness and to inspire my staff and students in well being and the goal achievement of the students.
I also want to be an innovative and being creative which is very important. Which inspires the people around me.
I enjoy celebrating successes by the hard and smart work of my staff and students and make the school environment happy.