School Laboratories

Computer Lab

Equipped with updated computer lab to cater the requirement of NIIT computer education on line program are accessible to children.

Social Lab

Lotus Lap social lab is equipped with materials needed to understand social like maps atlas, Globes, working models, direction model, solar system, Physical features of earth, Transport system etc.

Science Lab

Science Lab: Lotus Lap School’s Science Lab is well equipped of Physics, Chemistry and Biology Lab material to encourage students.

English Language Lab

English Language Lab: English languages lab software with assessment of speaking and listening. This Lab helps in enhancing English skills right from Primary level itself.

Maths Lab

Maths lab : A full Fledged Maths Lab is provided to the students according to the standards.

AV Rooms

School Audio Video Rooms are Fully equipped Audio visual rooms are made available for the staff and students to make teaching/learning easy and effective.

Lotus Lap Public School

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