Lotus Resorts

School owns a Resort and play area at Pasumamula village @ Peddamberpet. The students of all classes visit the resorts and enjoy different rides, games and swimming.


Agri Farm School

Children are taken to Agri Farm school and get exposed to variety of fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses, dairy, pot making and entire village and Agricultural atmosphere.


Play School

We provide an ambience for the growing child know, play and learn. An environment that gives impetus to their urge to facilitate the process of learning. At Lotus Lap "learning would be fun".

Welcome To Lotus Lap School

Lotus Lap Public School got started in the year 1999 June @ HUDA Commercial Complex, Kothapet, Saroornagar, in the year 2013-14 @ Karmanghat near Mandamallmma Garden and in the year 2017 - 18 @ Badangpet near Union Bank of India.
Your child keeps growing up, with them, the curiosity. The curiosity to know & the curiosity to learn. All that comes as natural instinct in the process of being acquainted, with the surroundings around them. In the urge to recognize the world they live and in the process of identifying and relating to the things around them.
You would have had all the questions when you were a child. Most of the times, with no one to answer. Now, it could happen even to your child, with your inability to spend time with your child, owing to many reasons.
It is in this context, Lotus Lap has evolved to provide an environment for the growing child to know and learn. An environment that gives impetus to their urge to know and learn, to stimulate the urge to know and facilitate the process of learning, Lotus Lap is an “ideal learning place” to the child, outside the home.
In the days to come, it would be an increasingly tough task for the parents to provide a learning atmosphere to the child. The management at Lotus Lap having identified the need to give fillip to the children’s interest has created an ambience with the supporting infrastructure.
More than that, Lotus Lap has the compassionate, responsible and loving team to take care of your child. We have the ability to understand the subtle things – emotions, expressions of the child. When the child is with us, parents can be assured of their child blossoming like a flower, as everything would be taught in a play way method.
We focus and aim to improve the outcome of all the students through the provision of advice, information, training and seek to explore the students' knowledge.

Our Vision

To be a world class school that provides the best education in the formative years by creating an ideal environment, with a blend of culture, spiritualism, patriotism, leadership and academic excellence with exposure to latest technology. Finally transforming them to conquer their dreams and aspirations to become global citizens.

Our Mission

Impact quality education to students with highly qualified and experienced faculty, aiming at holistic development and exposure to learning by doing and play way methods. To provide diverse education, instill self-discipline, sense of responsibility, social and global consciousness and excellence in students.

Lotus Lap Aims and Objectives

  • To offer systematic and structured high quality education by inculcating certain values and Principles and also prepare a human being for social life in the society.
  • Maintaining the relation among the parents and teachers to obtain optimum education to the students.
  • Prepare the students to face the challenges laid before them with ease and confidence.
  • Create eager and active learner not only in academics but also in games and other activities.
  • To nurture creativity and imagination through fine arts.
  • To create an innovative concept of learning.
  • To promote intellectual development.
  • To develop appropriate communication skills.
  • To impart knowledge by play way methods and activity oriented education.
  • To develop a sense of healthy competition in the area of sports, games and competitions.
  • To instill emotional stability along with physical development.

Management Messages

Mr. K. Chandra Shekar Reddy, Chairman/Founder.

Education is an ongoing process. We at Lotus Lap, Nurture and Groom the students to be lifelong learners. As Albert Einstein said, “play is the highest form of research”. We take interest in shaping our students to ensure the child’s future prosperity and to remain competitive and have a high quality school education.
Every child is an Individual, who requires different parenting techniques. An ideal parent must blend the qualities like love, patience, calmness, humor, respect, gratitude, honesty and teach the children by being a role model to them. We must teach them how to be responsible in every walk of life and to be independent.
An ideal teacher must be a person of culture. The teacher should have sense of duty and responsibility and should be honest to oneself, to students and to the profession. Effective teaching has the greatest influence on student’s achievement and overall development. Man making is a central function of an ideal teacher. The teacher is an engineer of the soul, in other words an ideal teacher is a student’s Friend, Philosopher and Guide. Students always remember an ideal teacher throughout their life.
An ideal student must be cheerful, positive, optimistic, co-operative, disciplined, laborious, obedient and also must pay proper respect to teachers, elders and all seniors.
Happy and Proud to be part of this endeavour to serve you.

Mrs. K. Madhavi, Managing Director

Greetings to you all.......

Welcome to Lotus Lap Public School, the school that focuses on opportunity and achievement and also "MOTIVATE THE WEAK, TO ADDERESS THE AVERAGEAND CHALLENGE THE GIFTED". I hope this effort of our minds will serve as a stepping stone towards the many mile stone we have to cover in pursuit of excellence.

"Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those who don't rest on the laurels of the past." We strive to develop the key attributes of a student centric, value based education at Lotus Lap Public school namely courage, Project based learning, Leadership, Enthusiasm, Willingness, every Student an engaged learner, every teacher, a caring educator, every parent, a supportive partner....

Dear students, it is my message to you all that the people of fine character live by their values. They are honest and are committed to truthfulness in thought, word and deed. True character thus encompasses the capacity for self-discipline, and I appreciate our parent fraternity for supporting the school in every aspect.

Thank you

Mrs. G. Lalitha Reddy, Central Office Principal's

Hello! To all my dear parents and students, we at Lotus Lap High School are happy to inform you that we are imparting education to the students not only in academics but also in the concept of humanity and national integrity. It is possible only by delivering education with values i.e. life skills to the students. “Good values are the seeds from which behavior and intellectual qualities develop which helps the students to build their character.

These values can only be effectively acquired during child hood primarily at home and later at school.

Therefore, parents involvement in child’s learning processes is necessary. To make this process successful, we request parents to attend the PTA and interact with teachers regularly so that we both can collectively help the child to improve their caliber.

“Children with good values will make efficient decision and will be respected as a citizen.”

Mrs. A. Seshu Phani, Principal Karmanghat Branch

I as an educator very much passionate about students being empowered to succeed as Principal, I believe to guide and nurture the generation to establish with the skills to achieve a good health, respect towards others and prosperity.

I believe to work in togetherness and to inspire my staff and students in well being and the goal achievement of the students.

I also want to be an innovative and being creative, which is very important. Which inspires the people around me.

I enjoy celebrating successes by the hard and smart work of my staff and students and make the school environment happy.

Mrs. S. Kavitha, Principal Badangpet Branch

Our School Lotus Lap is like a temple of education where our children blossom like Lotus and fly high in their life not only academically but also spiritually as our dedicated staff nurture our children emboldening them strong fundamentally in their thoughts and mind. It gives me immense pleasure to be a part and leading the most dedicated team of teachers and staff. Our management continuously strives to introduce new concepts in education bringing about a systemic change and keeping pace with the latest technology equipping our children to face new challenges with new facets of life in their coming days with full strength and confidence. We always inculcate the human values and infuse the responsibility of every citizen towards our motherland. We sincerely thank our parents who always stood behind us in scaling the achievements and upholding the pride of our esteemed institution.

Salient Features

  • IT Integration Programme for classes I to IX.
  • I.I.T Foundation for classes VI to X.
  • English lang. lab to enhance accent and communication skills.
  • Maths lab to improve mathematics skills.
  • Audio visual and Digital Class Rooms.
  • Abacus & Vedic Maths.
  • Special coaching from VI to X for Slow Learners.
  • Frequent Parent - Teacher Interactions.
  • Interrnational Standard of Education with affordable fee structure.
  • NCC (Air Wing).
  • Encouraging Intra & Interr School Competitions.
  • Extra Curricular Activities & Field Trips. (Lotus Resorts for picnics & Amruthavanam Agri Farms school to know the latest techniques in agriculture).
  • Correlation of Concepts Taught to Real Life.
  • Marshal Arts, Skating, Drawing & Painting Academy.
  • Yoga, Meditation & Guest Lectures.Yoga, Meditation & Guest Lectures.
  • Music (Carnatic & Western), Dance( Classical & Western).
  • Summer Camp.

Extracurricular Activities

Celebrations of major national and religious festivals with pomp and gaiety.

Information Technology programme by NIIT.

Games and competitions at the national level.

Karate, Chess, Singing and Dance.

Yoga and meditation camps.

Special motivating guest lectures.

Summer camp and Field Trips


Teacher : The teachers at Lotus Lap Pre-school are very well trained in child care and early childhood education. They have a very pleasant attitude and shower love and affection on the children which makes them feel that the school is a second home.

  • Spacious class rooms, wide corridors and non toxic plastic moulded furniture for the students.
  • A/C play hall with modern and safe gadgets to play and explore.
  • Complicated topics of science and mathematics which made easy by interactive CDs.
  • Computer lab with 2:1 ratio and integrated NIIT-Curriculum from class – I.
  • Well stocked library with updated information for the students.
  • Well maintained large play ground in every branch.
  • Fully equipped A.V Room and LCD projector.

Staff : Lotus Lap school boasts of having highly qualified trained and experienced teaching fraternity with pleasant and excellent communication skills. The teachers here have an inbuilt motto “teaching with a smile”, hence the environment for the students very friendly and stress free.

  • Lotus Lap also has its own Lotus resorts with sports equipments and a swimming pool.
  • An interactive CD library is maintained for the benefit of the students and staff.
  • A state of art auditorium for conducting workshops, seminars, guest lectures by eminent personalities.
  • An excellent play area for the students with safe and modern gadgets an exposure to Yoga & Meditation.
  • Students have an Audio visual experience of their favourite cartoon characters
  • Fun filled activities related to their academics.
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